Digitalization of road transport in BSEC Region

The second technical meeting on BSEC Electronic Permit Pilot Project was held on 1 July 2020 online.

Ministries of Transport of Turkey, Moldova and Ukraine as well as BSEC PERMIS, BSEC-URTA, IRU, TOBB, ASMAP UA, and AITA participated the meeting. They discussed the future development of the Electronic Permit for road transport.
Both BSEC-URTA President Asli Calik and BSEC-URTA Secretary General Adrian Albu attended the meeting. They expressed the full BSEC-URTA support for BSEC Electronic Permit Pilot Project and any other digitalization project in road transport. Digitalization mechanisms showed their importance during COVID-19 pandemic as long as industry faced difficulties in transferring road permits due to absence of flights and threat of disease spreading by physical contact.
The meeting provided the ground for further deliberations such as system server, data exchange, mobile applications.…Continuare

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – updated situation in Moldova

Moldova (March 18, 2020)

In the Republic of Moldova, several state border crossing points are closed for an indefinite period. At present, only 17 border crossing points are operating normally:

At the border with Romania:

PTF Leușeni – Albița (road / international)

PTF Sculeni – Sculeni (road / international)

PTF Giurgiulești – Galați (road / international)

PTF Costești- Rock (road / international)

At the border with Ukraine:

PTF Otaci-Moghilev-Podolsk (road / international)

PTF Briceni-Rossoşanî (road / international)

PTF Criva-Mamalîga (road / international)

PTF Giurgiuleşti-Reni (road / international)

PTF Mirnoe-Tabaki (road / international)

PTF Palanca-Maiaki – Udobnoe (road / international)

PTF Tudora-Starokazacie (road / international)

Additionally, from 17 March 2020 at 00:00, it is prohibited to cross the Moldovan-Ukrainian state border, and from 17 March 17, 2020 at 20.00, foreign nationals are prohibited from entering the Republic of Moldova from Romania using state border crossing points open to traffic.

This restriction does not apply to foreign nationals and stateless persons domiciled or permanently / temporarily living in the Republic of Moldova, drivers and service personnel involved in the transport of freight, aircraft / ship crews and train crews. In addition, staff of diplomatic missions and consular offices based in the Republic of Moldova, and staff working at international organisations / missions and their family members are also exempted.

Source: Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova

Customs clearance waiting time for TIR transporters drops to half thanks to new application

The upgraded version of the early customs clearing application TIR-EPD (TIR – Electronic Pre-Declaration) is fully functional as part of the Moldovan Customs Service’s ASYCUDA World software and is already being used by international freight transporters.

The application  is fully functioning starting March 18, 2019, and has processed ever since 230 declarations submitted online by TIR Card holding transporters, according to the data shared at a joint public event dedicated to TIR-EPD’s full functionality by the International Association of Auto Transporters (AITA) and the USAID Moldova Structural Reform Program – which supported the project. …Continuare

Trucks will be able to cross the Moldovan border much quicker

TIR-EPD (TIR-Electronic-Pre-Declaration) will operate in Moldova again from January 2019. This module allows freight forwarders to enter in advance their cargo data into the electronic information system of all customs services along the entire route of a scheduled shipment: from the point of departure, through transit countries, to the point of destination.

The system does not cancel customs declarations, but due to the fact that customs has already been informed about the nature of the cargo, its employees (and drivers) save time on inspection, and time is the most valuable resource in road freight. …Continuare

Republic of Moldova non-working holidays

According to paragraph (1) of Article 111 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Moldova No.154 of 28.03.2003, in the Republic of Moldova non-working holidays are:
January 1 – New Year;
7 and 8 January – Christmas in the old style;
March 8 – International Women’s Day;
the first and second days of Easter according to the church calendar;
the second Monday after Easter (Radunitsa);
May 1 – International Workers’ Solidarity Day;
May 9 – Victory Day and memory of heroes who fell for the independence of the Motherland;
August 27 – Independence Day;
August 31 – the holiday “Limba noastra”;
December 25 – Christmas in a new style.