International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova AITA:

It provides advice on the terms of freight and passengers in individual countries;
help selecting local and foreign shipping companies;
It helps in negotiations with foreign and Russian shipping companies and shippers;
It offers models of contracts and agreements between carriers and shipping companies and / or shippers;
develop checklists and recommendations for drivers and management staff of enterprises for implementing transportation of goods and passengers in international traffic;
lead negotiations with foreign partners;
International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova AITA:

It provides international carriers Moldovan customs documents: TIR (TIR) and notebook Switches. Issue of TIR Carnets is performed in accordance with the “Declaration of Commitment” between AITA and international carriers in Moldova;
develop recommendations for use of TIR and books Switches
inform carriers of Moldova on application of customs legislation of the Republic of Moldova in international road transport TIR Convention 1975 and
organizes seminars and conferences on customs related to road transport;

TIR carnet is a customs document and used goods under the Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention) of 14 November 1975. At present, the TIR Convention 1975 unites 62 states.
The benefits of the use of TIR is to reduce the requirements for checks at the border of goods. The TIR system eliminates the use of national guarantee national documents.
TIR Carnet can be used for freight containers and multimodal transport.
TIR CARNETS are issued by the International Road Transport Union (IRU, Geneva) and distributed through unions and national associations of carriers.
Carriers wishing to use TIR system must pass the admission procedure established by AITA, the IRU TIR Convention.

Visas and passports
International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova AITA:

conducted consultations on passports and visas;
promoting transport companies – customers AITA formalizing passports;
supports visa applications from foreigners – foreign partners AITA members.
International Association of Road Hauliers of Moldova AITA provides training in training centers and CIPTI AITA in the following areas:

training for license applicants for international road transport and freight forwarding activities.

Special courses:

drivers in international traffic
courses short-term training for specialists of transport companies;
tachograph, work and rest of drivers;
monetary and financial relations in foreign economic activities and accounting in the field of international road transport;
customs regulations international road transport;
technical operation of vehicles;
international freight forwarding and international freight forwarding activities;
Fundamentals of management contractor;
Consultation and preparation of business plans.