General information

Association AITA is the ultimate organization nongovernmental, noncommercial professional that meets the businesses and organizations trucks from Moldova performing road transport international cargo and passenger founded on democratic principles in accordance with Regulation on companies household in Moldova, strengthened by Hotîrărea Government of the Republic of Moldova No. . 500 from 10.09.1991; It is established in 1992.

AITA role is to represent and defend its members in dealing with national and international bodies in the field within its functions.

AITA is a member of the International Union of Road Hauliers (IRU) in Geneva and the International Federation of Forwarders Association (FIATA) based in Zurich.

Association participating in the preparation and implementation of national and international projects related to international road transport, including “Reviewing Customs Convention on International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets” in 1975.

IATA represents the interests of Moldovan carriers transport in working bodies of the European Commission of the United Nations Economic and International Union of road transport; maintain relationships with other national associations.

AITA is as guarantor association Customs TIR Convention of 1975 in Moldova. More than 200 enterprises and organizations benefit from services provided by the Association in the following areas:

  • Ensuring carriers of Moldova TIR Carnets cards and card passage; working in the direction of regulation of conflicts in the use of the TIR system;
  • Providing carriers with documents governing the performance of the international transportations (conventions, agreements, etc.);
  • AITA inform members about the conditions and rules for carrying out international transportations in Moldova and foreign countries;
  • Organizing consultations on legal issues and economic questions related to international transportation;
  • Contribution in achieving dreams for drivers of the international AITA member companies;
  • Organizing fueling credit based carriers-members AITA foreign territories;
  • Offering help cargo owners, shippers and carriers of cargo transport organizations;
  • Choosing to work with foreign partners to undertakings states AITA;
  • Offering various types of insurance, in order to fulfill international transportations;
  • Preparing menagerie and drivers AITA study centers;
  • Party conferences and seminars;
  • Preparation and development methodical and informational literature on questions of international transportation


  • as guarantor organization recognized by the customs authorities of the State, national or international is auto transporter performing transport operations in Moldova accompanied by the TIR Carnet.
  • apelaţiilor receive from the customs authorities of the Republic of Moldova for identifying violations in transport operations carried out in Moldova TIR Carnets;
  • to receive new association members or exclude the association members who conduct illegal;
  • to present and defend members’ interests in Moldova and abroad.